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Welcome to my Web Page!

Hi! My name is Alfonso Carcamo. For the past twenty years I have been employed in the IT/Banking industry; however, I'm an artist at heart. I hold a bachelor's degree in French literature, and I am also certified as a technical writer, translator and software quality assurance specialist.

I have authored three books of my own (fiction, health and nutrition, French job markets) and I can perform multilingual writing services. I can also design websites and test complex software applications.

I'm an amateur singer, poet, and broadcaster and I can do voice-over work in Spanish, English and French.

Eclectic Sculptures

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Mexican Visual Art

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I own a unique and extensive collection of oil paintings and prints of pre-Hispanic native art concepts.

Obsidian Crystals

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Obsidian crystals are used by health spas as massage stones, and interior decorators use them to add beauty to a space. Many alternate health practices claim that these energy-laden crystals have special healing powers.